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Felix Lopp Nonett 


The Felix Lopp Nonet knows its style. The group combines sounds from Eastern European and Scandinavian folklore with improvised classical music, or experimental contemporary jazz with modern rock music. These influences are brought together in thoughtful compositions, giving room to each musical idea without losing sight of the overall picture. With its unorthodox instrumentation, the Felix Lopp Nonet creates a sonic world which is immersive, sensitive and nostalgic, but also brave, novel, and deliberate. 


Voice - Janna Berger 

Tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet - Volkan Tan 

Piano, Composition- Felix Lopp 

Bass - Sebastian Bauer 

Drums - Matthias Meyer 

Percussion, Mallets - Patrick Huss 

Violin - Max Eisinger 

Viola - Kaja Nieland 

Cello - Mathis Ubben

"1th Prize 7th international Jazz Composition Contest"


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